Faculty Council

Meeting Times

Usually every month – see Council Calendar for exact dates.


Subject to approval of Senate, of which Council is a Sub-Committee, Council shall be composed of:

(a) All full-time members of Faculty (including cross-appointed members of Faculty), full-time Fine Arts Librarians, the Executive Officer, the Director/Curator of the AGYU, the Council Secretary, the Director, Academic Affairs, the Academic Advisor, Winters College, and the Master, Winters College.

(b) The Chair of Senate and the Secretary of the University as ex-officio members, and such other members as Senate may decide (currently these include the President, Vice-President Academic & Provost, and Secretary of Senate). These members may vote, but shall not be counted for quorum.

(c) A number of students, elected by students, as to equal 15% of Council.



James Pratt |  jpratt@yorku.ca | ext. 22875