Executive Committee

Meeting Times
Approximately every 6 weeks, 2 weeks prior to Faculty Council – see Council Calendar for exact dates.

Terms of Reference

The Executive Committee is charged with the following:

  • Preparation of agendas for Council meetings, forwarding legislation from the Academic/Administrative Policy and Planning Committee to Council, agendas for retreats, special events and special sessions of Council.
  • Steering responsibility for directing Council business to specific committees or members of Council for response.
  • Ability to strike ad hoc committees on Council’s behalf.
  • In addition, the Executive Committee is empowered to act on Council’s behalf to:
    • approve Summer Authority
    • review and forward responses to business correspondence directed to Council from persons and groups within the University Community whenever the response has already been defined by Council Policy and Procedure
    • serve as an adjudication body for appeals referred to it by AAPPC. In undertaking this function, the Executive Committee shall have the right to call upon outside counsel (including legal counsel)
    • coordinate and monitor Council’s input to long range planning. In undertaking this function, the Executive Committee shall have the right to call upon outside counsel
    • serve as a nomination committee whenever appropriate or appoint a subcommittee for that purpose.


Chair of Council (1)
Vice-Chair of Council (1)
Associate Deans (ex-officio) (2)
Council Secretary (ex-officio) (1)

Chairs of Council Committees:

Academic/Administrative Policy and Planning Committee (AAPPC) (1)
Committee on Student Awards (1)
Committee on Research, Grants & Awards (FARGAC) (1)

Student representative (1)

Total: 9

In addition to the above, any academic unit not represented on Executive may nominate one member to the Committee.

Quorum: 3 voting members


Chair William Thomas
Vice-Chair Mary Fogarty
Chair, AAPPC Magdalena Kazubowski-Houston
Chair, Student Awards Leslie Korick
Chair, FARGAC Belarie Zatzman
President of CASA Isaias Garcia
Secretary Jim Fenton
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, Research, Planning (ex officio) Michael Longford
Associate Dean, Students, Recruitment, Alumni (ex officio) Anna Hudson



Jim Fenton | jfenton@yorku.ca | ext. 20033