Terms of Reference

Specific responsibilities of the Committee will include all existing business-related aspects of curriculum, admissions, academic standards, appeals and interdisciplinary courses. The Committee shall review all philosophical, planning and policy-orientated issues associated with long-term academic policy, such as:

  • To review and recommend to Council approval or other appropriate action in relation to the Faculty’s regulations and practices as required relating to:
    • academic standards
    • degree requirements for all years of study and all programs
    • all other Faculty-level legislation
  • Subject to financial considerations and availability of personnel, in consultation with academic units of FFA, to initiate or review and upon approval of the Committee recommend to Council the approval of any proposals relating to academic policy and planning, including:
    • other matters relating to academic policy and planning
    • changes to degree requirements
    • new programs of study
    • new certificates
  • To review and act on behalf of Council with regard to new course proposals and changes to existing courses, to forward them to Senate as appropriate upon approval, and report such actions to Council for information.
  • To review, assess, approve, and/or make recommendations directly to the Faculty and the Senate on matters relating to final grades, with the exception of petitions which are currently assessed by the Academic Affairs sub-committee on petitions
  • To review and report as appropriate to Council on the academic implications of the curriculum policy of all units responsible for instruction, and of the Faculty as a whole. The committee will consult with all units with regard to the creation of Five Year Plan documents of the Faculty.
  • To review and approve curriculum submissions for the academic units and, with the exception of new programs of study and changes in program requirements requiring Council approval as described, upon approval to submit directly to Senate.

In carrying out the above mandate, the committee may call upon Chairs/Program Coordinators and the Dean’s Office as required.