Special Topics & Selected Topics Explanation

Special Topics

Special Topics are one-off courses – e.g., to accommodate a visiting lecturer. These courses remain on the repository for up to three years, i.e. you can teach them three times and then they expire.

  • Special topics require the approval of AAPPC.
  • Create New Course Proposal – not generic umbrella course and clearly indicate it is a Special Topics course on the NCP document.
  • Needs to be approved by NCP deadline.

Selected Topics

  • Selected Topics courses are on-going and remain on the repository with no expiration date. Such courses carry the same value as a “regular” course.
  • Selected Topics are a way of grouping subject-specific courses under a generic umbrella. Using this option is a way of maintaining consistency through the flow of courses and is more transparent for students.

For example:

Visual Arts students know that any 3032 course is related to the sculpture as FA/VISA 3032 Intermediate Sculpture Process* is a generic umbrella and that courses such as FA/VISA 3032A 3.00 Metal Fabrication and FA/VISA 3032B 3.00 Clay and Wax Modeling are title variants of that generic umbrella.

(*Note: Generic Umbrellas are non-teachable courses and students will not be able to enroll in them)

  • Although considered non-teachable, any Generic Umbrella requires the submission of a New Course Proposal form and follows the approval process for a new course (AAPPC only unless it affects degree requirements, then it needs to go to Council and Senate)

Selected Topics, title variant courses (under the generic) require only the approval of AAPPC.