New Degree Proposal Guidelines

Context of Proposal

  • Statement of purpose
  • Relationship of proposal to unit, Faculty and University Academic Plans
  • Admission requirements
  • Consultation:
    • Identify similar programs elsewhere at York
    • Describe the nature and extent of the consultation which has taken place with other programs and indicate what, if any, cooperative arrangements have been explored with respect to staffing, appointments, course offerings, physical space, etc.
    • Consult with the Vice-President (Academic) on resource aspects of the proposal
  • Need and Demand:
    • A brief description of the general need and demand for the initiative, whether based on student interest, potential employment opportunities for graduates, needs expressed by professional associations, government agencies or policy bodies; or, if none of the foregoing, whether the initiative serves the general betterment of society;
    • For student demand, include five-year enrolment projection, defining steady-state enrolment and when it is to be achieved; obtain an estimate of the demand for the program from the Admissions Office; and
    • An indication of the extent to which proposed program provides students with preparation for graduate studies in the area.

Programme Requirements

  • Outline of course requirements, with course descriptions
    • Courses currently offered, with frequency of offering
    • New courses (new courses are subject to approval by Faculties in accordance with Senate legislation)
    • Required courses mounted by other units; are these to be cross-listed?

Calendar Copy

  • Intended calendar copy describing the new initiative

Human and Physical Resource Requirements

  • Faculty Members:
    • A list of faculty including appointment status, home unit, areas of teaching and research interests
    • New faculty requirements and gaps they would be expected to fill
  • Administration
    • Specify the need for a coordinator/chair, support staff, advisors, if any
  • Library Holdings Required
  • Academic computing required
  • Other special equipment required, if any
  • Space Requirements

Statement of Funding and Resource Availability

  • A summary statement of funding requirements to support resources needed, including both start-up costs and continuing costs. Append statements attesting to the adequacy of resources to support the proposal from the relevant Dean(s)/Principal, the Director of Libraries, and a comment from the Vice-President (Academic) on possible resource implications of the proposal.


  • Statement of support from the relevant Dean(s)/Principal, attesting to the adequacy of resources: space, computing, staff, faculty, etc.
  • Comment on resource implications from the Office of the Vice-President (Academic)
  • Statement from the University Librarian confirming the adequacy of library holdings
  • Confirmations from “interested” programs that their comments have been solicited
  • Estimate of demand for the program from the Office of Admissions
  • Statement of support from the University Registrar’s Office