Changes to Existing Course Proposal Guidelines

Please note: all curriculum proposal forms must be submitted in signed hardcopy as well as electronically 3 days prior to the AAPPC meeting. Those not received will be held over for the next meeting.

The following information is required:

Academic Unit

  • FFA Department

Date of Submission

  • Date submitted to AAPPC

Course Number

  • Insert number of course being changed, including credit weight and variance number

Course Title

  • Insert the course title as it currently appears in Calendar

Type of Change

  • There are 7 boxes that detail specific changes and one that says “other”. This box is used when changing such things as: the course title, number of contact hours, course credit exclusions, etc.

Change From

  • Please insert the information as it current appears in the Repository.

Change To

  • Please detail all changes being made to the course. This effectively will be the new Calendar copy for the course. Please make note of the ripple effect some changes will have. If the course content remains the same but the course number and or credit weight change tehn course credit exclusions must be added here so that students cannot enrol in the same course twice.


  • Please detail the reasons for making the specified changes to any course. Please note: some “minor” changes have a dramatic ripple effect on other courses or degree requirements and should be considered before the changes are made

Identify all upper-year courses this course is a prerequisite to

  • Please add this information. This will ensure that Calendar copy is correct and up-to-date. For instance, if a course is being deleted and it is a prerequisite to an upper year course. Students will not be able to enrol in the upper-year course because they don’t have the pre-requisite.

Academic Unit Approval

  • Please ensure that all proposals being forwarded are signed by the Chair of the department/unit. Unsigned copies will not be taken to CAA for approval.

Approval for cross-listing change

  • Please note that changes to cross-listing of courses must be approved by both parties.